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REMINDER: Submit your 2020-2021 Club Officer List to Toastmasters International


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District 30 Vision

With Stella Lorens, DTM as District 30 Toastmasters’ District Leader, our vision is to ensure our members not only improve their skills at Toastmasters, but have a great experience doing so! Learn more…

A Message from District 30 Director

Stella Lorens, DTM shares her thoughts on the ongoing COVID-19 issue and District 30


Get Involved in Toastmasters

Our District has a variety of ways to get involved and engaged! Check out more below…

Club Incentives

Check out our new incentives and set goals for your club membership growth!

Virtual Contests

View more details about our Contest in a virtual way.

District Calendar

Check out the new events and start getting involved with District 30!

District 30 Recognition

Members and Club Recognition coming very soon!

Members Recognition

Our members recognition corner will allow members of the district to be recognized by activities they perform worth recognizing.

Clubs Recognition

Our clubs recognition corner will showcase clubs of the district that have excelled in their environment and be recognized.