District 30 Toastmasters International

Message for our Members

Dear District 30 Toastmasters Member,

As we start our 4th week in our Toastmasters year, I want to congratulate you for staying on course. Your smart decision to achieve even more and empower others to further their talents is outstanding!

In this fast pace world of technology, global quest to understand more multi-cultural intelligence and to gain high demanding career knowledge, our District needs to provide more opportunities to learn, practice and perform.

Therefore, additional District Sponsored Events will be planned throughout this year. To name a few; “how to” execute professional webinars, virtual meetings, creating YouTube videos and preparing media exposure with your message successfully is in the works. In addition, Pathways Training, Virtual Presentation Skills, Event Planning, Becoming a Sought – After Emcee, Professional Speaker/Trainer Packaging Seminars are a few of the extra events we will be hosting in District 30. It is known that additional courses keeps members engaged and that is in our plans. I encourage you to utilize our District website as an important tool to strengthen, share and receive crucial information.

There is a Committee of Leadership (C.O.L.) that has launched this year. To accomplish our mission of successful Recognition & Retention Plans, more leadership opportunities in the District are available. We welcome those who seek the opportunities to further their leadership skills. Being a part of this will propel your development in more dynamic ways. We welcome you to participate. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

I sincerely thank those who have taken a C.O.L. leadership position. Their names & their expertise is listed on our District 30 website. Our District Executive Committee Meetings are open to our membership. Please contact me if you are attending and wish to bring something to our D.E.C. Meeting for us to review.

We have started to revamp our District Website. Check out d30toastmasters.org to see the sleeker, more contemporary appearance. We will highlight individuals, leaders, and accomplishments. We will explore treasured history and incredible success stories within our website. Our District is abundant with outstanding speakers, trainers, motivational/ inspirational presenters who are willing to share their experiences and expertise; We will celebrate our community here.

District Special Events, Officers Training, Contests Schedule, and more will be on our District Calendar with the event details (time, place and maps). Also, if your club is hosting an event & you would like to promote it, you will be able to personally post it on our District website. Please note most of the important Resource information will be on the lower section of website this year. d30toastmasters.org

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. I look forward to seeing you in person at our events this year.

Wishing you all the success you desire and happiness each day in your life.


Stella Lorens, DTM3

District Director

District 30

2019 – 2020