District 30 Toastmasters
"Empowering Individuals through Personal and Professional Development"

Area Directors:

Linda Gurley, ACB, ALB
Sue Rosenfeld, ACB, ALB
(Currently Vacant)
  • Area A3 Director
  • No Contact Information 
Brian Shields, CC, ALB
Janine Ricketts-Bryne, ACB, ALB
Kelly Nielsen, CC
Amir Sharapov
Thomas John, ACG, ALB
Bonniejean Alford, ACS, ALB
Jim Baloun, CC, ALB
Ilya Davydov, ACB, CL
Mark Lebrun, ACB, ALB
Rob McGraw, ACS, ALB
Joan Emery, ACB, ALB
Krista (Baum) Lebrun, ACB ALB
Wilfred Meija, ACB, ALB
Rhea Parreno, ACB, ALB
Eric Jahn, DTM
Velynda Fultz, CC, CL
Christine Crow, ACB, CL
Lee Hopkins, CL
Debbie Friend, ACS, ALB
Fouzia Hassan Khan, CC, CL
Cassie Moore, ACG, ALB
Lamont Boyd, ACB, ALB
Shalini Dadlani, ACG, ALB
Julia Calderon, ACS, CL
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