Member Recognition

Talk of Lincolnshire’s Toastmaster #6244 of the Year 2019-2020 is Maria FICCHI.
During this Toastmaster’s Year Maria Ficchi was a member of TOL; Vice President, Education for TOL; and N-42 Area Director in District 30.  In each function and everything she undertook she performed brilliantly, with exceptional dedication, knowledge and extraordinary selflessness and sparking joy. She is widely recognized as a Topper and true servant leader.

Talk of Lincolnshire, #6244, nominates Joe Milakovic as our Toastmaster of the Month for June, 2020. Previously he had been a Toastmaster but after a while he rejoined with Talk of Lincolnshire Toastmasters. Joe has been active form the start in taking on various meeting functions. Then during our second June meeting Joe delivered an innovative and very well received Ice Breaker to “Set Yourself on F.I.R.E.”

Talk of Lincolnshire, #6244, nominates Pooja Giroh as our Toastmaster of the Month for May, 2020. She became a Toastmaster when she joined Talk of Lincolnshire about two years ago. She jumped right into the program. Pooja’s impromptu talks and prepared speeches are much looked forward to by our members. Her prepared speeches cover a plethora of topics. She tackles and fills in for different meeting roles. Pooja has just been elected for her second term as a TOL club officer. During this, her first term as an officer, she was helpful in working with other club officers to make TOL beneficial to our members. She has also been among the first to jump into making our virtual meetings technically possible and smooth flowing. She attended and contributed to both May meetings. Pooja brings a cheerful and positive approach to her work.

Talk of Lincolnshire, #6244, nominates Rosanne Fitko as our Toastmaster of the Month for April, 2020. Rosanne became a Toastmaster when she joined Talk of Lincolnshire. Immediately she signed up for various meetings roles and energetically participated in our meetings contributing immensely to the meetings’ excellence and success. Over a relatively short span of time Rosanne became noted for mastering and delighting in whatever she undertook, most especially her prepared presentations, Table Topics, Inspirational Speaker and Wordmaster. She is always among the first to attempt, successfully, new skills in presentation. For example she has been a leader in learning the aspects of virtual meetings. This year Rosanne is our club’s Secretary and has raised taking of meeting minutes to superior levels of excellence and timeliness. She always positively contributes to officer meetings and club discussions about ways to improve the learning value of our program and its smooth functioning. Rosanne attended all three April meetings, impressively contributing to the learning and enjoyment of each, as usual.

Talk of Lincolnshire, #6244, nominates Don Munro as our Toastmaster of the Month for March, 2020. He joined Talk of Lincolnshire with clear goals to improve his public speaking ability. Don achieved those goals becoming an accomplished, sought after premier presenter for any occasion. His ability to present prepared as well as no-notice speeches is matchless and among those speeches which are well remembered by his audiences. Don is even more in the hearts and minds of Toastmasters because of his unceasingly help, assistance, advice and mentoring. It is as natural for Don to provide knowledgeable detailed advice as it is for him to take time with fellow members on the presentation art of basic and advance skills. He always signed up for meeting roles in advance as well as volunteered for additional roles at the last moment. He took every opportunity to promote Toastmasters. He took every opportunity to add charm, delight, interest and humor to his speaking and his relationship with others. He served six times as an officer for the club, twice as President. Don’s leadership and contributions were such that five of six times TOL finished as a President’s Distinguished Club, including his first term as President. Don led Talk of Lincolnshire to Select Distinguished status in 2018-2019. Don is the epitome of a Toastmaster par excellence.

Talk of Lincolnshire (TOL), #6244, nominates Robert and Laurie Harrington as Toastmasters of the Month for February, 2020. They have been with TOL for many years. They are active participants – in our regular meetings, holding various club offices, contests, mentoring and anything else the club or their fellow members need and require. Robert and Laurie have made indelible impressions and impact on the lives of many. They attended both February meetings and actively participated in accomplishing meetings roles as well as a plethora of associated duties and de facto mentorship which enhance our members’ appreciation of and performance in the Toastmasters program. They always arrive early to and are among the last to depart from meetings. They were trail blazing pioneers introducing Pathways into TOL. Robert and Laurie Harrington’s attitude has always been cheerful, instructive, helpful and eager to learn and be helpful.

Talk of Lincolnshire (TOL), #6244, nominates Maria Ficchi as our Toastmaster of the Month for January, 2020. In whatever she engages, Maria is the topper.  She works persistently on her personal development. She has completed her CTM and consistently delivers outstanding presentations.  Maria walks many extra miles to assist other members in fulfilling their goals.  Currently she is our V.P., Education and our Area N-42 Director.

As our Area N-42 Director, Maria has raised the bar, setting higher standards of dedication, service and servant leadership. She utilizes every method of communication to individual Toastmasters and clubs as well as among them. There is no matter for which clubs have not been proactively informed, reminded, followed up and matters resolved by her.

In January alone Maria planned, coordinated and executed three detailed, special project meetings for TOL. She provided detailed and personalized assistance for members in the areas of mentoring and educational progress.  She delivered presentations during our regular meetings.  Maria attended Winter TLI and district meetings and all TOL Officers Meeting and regular meetings.

In all that she accomplishes Maria exhibits the highest of dedication, generosity, goodwill, acumen, professionalism, responsiveness, a proactive helping-hand and good nature.

The nomination of Maria Ficchi as Talk of Lincolnshire’s Member of the Month comes with the highest admiration and endorsement.

Talk of Lincolnshire, #6244, nominates Eric Vollmers as our Toastmaster of the Month for December, 2019. He is a relatively new Toastmasters. Eric has enrolled in Pathways and has begun working Level I. He participates in meeting by signing up in advance as well as enthusiastically accepting meeting roles before our meeting begins. He brings a can do attitude and willingness to learn to these tasks. He regularly attends and participates in our meetings and participated in both of our December meetings.