General Information

A Club Mentor advises, teaches and tutors a newly chartered club on the numerous ways of implementing the Toastmasters program. He/ she should be an experienced Toastmaster who possesses leadership skills, passion for Toastmasters and a strong sense of dedication to helping a new club succeed. Up to two (2) new Club Mentors can be appointed to a club by the District Director.

Club Mentors ensure that the club is strong and fully functional, confirm that officers understand their duties and have the tools they need to perform them, help clubs create a unique club culture or establish appropriate club customs, outline the components of  a quality club meeting, help clubs build, maintain and retain strong membership.

A Club Mentor who mentors a new club for 6 to 12 months will receives a Certificate of Acknowledgement and credit toward the Advance Leader Silver (ALS) award after submitting the required form. 

If you are interested in becoming a Club Sponsor or Mentor, fill out the form below and Velynda Fultz (Club Growth Director) will reach out to you shortly.

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