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Club Recognition and Judge Guideline for Contest

Area Contests – Members of clubs as Voting Judges in their Area Contests
Concerning Voting Judges for Area Contests

Per the 2019/2020 Speech Contest Rulebook: “5.A.2. At area contests, there must be an equal number of voting judges from each club in the area, or a minimum of five voting judges. In addition to these voting judges, a contest chair, chief judge, tiebreaking judge, two counters, and two timers must be appointed.” [page 9]

This means that if an area has four clubs, each club sends a voting judge, for four voting judges in total. If the clubs do not wish to send a judge, then there must be a minimum of five (5) voting judges and they can be from clubs in the area or outside of the area as long as they have met the eligibility requirements [For eligibility requirements see 2019/2020 Speech Contest Rulebook, 2.B.2. (page 7)].

Example #2: If an Area has four clubs and is going with the minimum of five voting judges, if Club A sends two voting judges, and Club B sends one voting judge, and Clubs C & D do not send a voting judge, then what?  A: In the example provided above, the contest chair would have there would be three total voting judges from within the area. To satisfy the minimum requirement of five, the contest chair can recruit voting judges from outside of their area.

To use the minimum of five judges, the rulebook does not specify where they are to come from nor does it specify equal representation for the five. The only requirements would be that the members serving as these judges are eligible to serve as a judge at the area level [2.B.2. (page 7)].

Please know that the tiebreaking judge is not considered when determining how many voting judges are needed for the contest.

2019/2020 Speech Contest Rulebook


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