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The Club Sponsorship Program:

A Club Sponsor is an experienced Toastmasters who possesses leadership skills, passion for Toastmasters and a strong sense of dedication to helping charter a new club. A Club Sponsor organizes the new club, sets up regular club meetings, completes the required paperwork and plans the charter presentation.

Club Sponsors are integral to the success of a new Toastmasters club. Through the process of chartering a new club, Club Sponsors enhance their leadership skills, develop project-management abilities and expand their marketing expertise. A Club Sponsor who helps start a new club will receives a Certificate of Acknowledgement and credit toward the Advance Leader Silver (ALS) award after submitting the required form.

If you are interested in becoming a Club Sponsor, please contact Noel Ganay, DTM (Club Growth Director) for more information.

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List of Club Sponsors (2017 - 2018):
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